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Going to Re Route you ONE MORE TIME!!

Dead Elvis has graciously moved my entire blog (old and new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to my very own domain!!  Or his domain, but my own name.  Or something computerish like that!!!  So check out: WWW.DAILYDIATRIBES.COM no wordpress, no blog….just!!! Advertisements

Hey From Hotlanta or Tales of a Summer’s Eve!!

I love this town!! We are here for our last soccer tournament and as usual, I have my eyes open for weirdness.  Which I have found in Spades.  We got to the field on Saturday morning at our appointed time.  And I didn’t even get lost.  Which is not so weird, since I was following […]


I’m catching a LOT of flak about the BORING names I’ve given my family.  Never mind that I had to keep them simple or I’d forget them when I blogged.  It’s not enough that I have to constantly stay on my toes to entertain you people with amusing anecdotes from my oh so boring life.  […]

An Evening With Sister B.

We took a nun to dinner last night.  We knew her in college; she was part of the campus ministry.  A sweeter, more delightful woman never lived. On the way to pick her up, I snarled at the children as only I can.  “John,” I warned, “you better clean up your vocabulary NOW!!  I don’t […]


I figured I better write something or people would abandon me!  I have been sick this week, with lovely case of strep throat, courtesy of my son.  He took one dose of antibiotics and was completely healed; I am on day three and still feel like I am swallowing swords.  Renee has assured me I […]

A Picture is Worth 1000 megabytes

Do your kids grab your phone all the time?  Mine do.  It is a source of endless fascination for them.  I’m not sure if they’re entranced by the idea that I actually have friends who want to talk to me or if it’s the shiny red cover or if it’s just the nature of children […]

What Will They Think of Next?

I consider myself to be a tolerant person.  I live my life trying to respect others and the choices they make.  I understand we are all different and require different things to achieve happiness.  But some things are natural and to tamper with them goes against the very grain of humanity.  You know what I am […]

From the Birmingham News:

ap….A Hoover woman was hospitalized when her ass ballooned to the size of the Hindenburg after she apparently ingested too much Halloween candy. “I just had 27 of the fun size Snickers,” she tearfully told reporters from her hospital bed.  “And I know I picked out all of the Butterfingers and the 3 Musketeers and the Milky […]

Is There Something You Want To Ask Me???

I was in the car, on my way to pick up the goddess, when the phone rang.  I had already had a stellar afternoon.  Amy threw up on the bus on the way home from school and I had to meet the bus to pluck her from it.  She cried all the way home and […]

What If I Choke on a Carrot and Die?

It’s a thought which has kept me awake many a long night.  You know how raw carrots are; you chew and chew and chew but they fragment and it’s hard to keep up with all the little pieces.  Pretty soon, you are coughing your head off, spraying carrot chunks on everybody.  I don’t see why […]