Oh That Modern Art!

Someone help me please!!!!  Please help me understand “art” because I don’t get it at all!  I thought I had seen it all when I stumbled across the million dollar shark in the tank.  But those crazy Brits always seem to have one more eccentric tucked away for my reading pleasure!

Today I was sitting in the thinking room, thumbing through the latest issue of People.  It’s my one guilty pleasure; I know it’s trampy, but I love reading about the goings on of Tom and Katie and Posh and Becks.  It makes my own life seem a little less ridiculous.

Anyway, a small article in the back of the magazine caught my eye.  It was entitled “Itsy Bitsy Art” and it is about an artist who carves micro sculptures.  Seriously, he carves things small enough to fit on the head of a pin.  They are meticulously crafted and take him several months to create. 

I have to admit, they are very cute, but can you really compare him to Rodin if you need a microscope to admire his work?  Evidently the British think so because some dude just insured his collection for $22 million. 

Now here is my problem with it.  The article I read a couple of months ago in the Wall Street Journal said insurers were reluctant to insure art of a transient nature.  In the People article, the micro-artist recounts a story in which, while attempting to place a teensy Alice in Wonderland inside the eye of the needle, the artist accidentally inhaled her. 

Yep, that’s what I said, he snorted poor Alice!  Lends some credence to that 70’s drug song about Alice and all those bottles!  The article did not mention whether he had to seek medical attention or not, but I would dearly love to read the doctor’s transcription if he did.  “Patient states inhaled Alice in Wonderland while placing her in the eye of needle.  Follow up pending full tox screen.  Psychiatric consult has been advised.”

Well, if your art can accidentally be inhaled by anyone, should it be insured?  How do you submit a claim for that?  “I was dusting my miniature Statue of Liberty and I accidentally inhaled it and dude, it was like, so wicked awesome!!  great shit man!!!”


I want to know how to get in on this art gig.  It sounds  a lot easier than anything else out there.  And if it rots or you inhale it, the insurance will pay up with no questions asked! 


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  1. Teensy
    Posted October 2, 2007 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Saw this on one of the morning shows. Really cool. But I’m going to open an art show without anything to show. Sort of a twist on the Emperor’s New Clothes. Remember that children’s book? There weren’t any new clothes at all but no one wanted to say so. I’ll just call it something cool, add a pricey frame, and people will be too embarrassed to say they can’t really see it. I’ll make millions! : )

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