Monthly Archives: October 2007

A Slam From the Goddess

The goddess is in first grade.  Every day, on lined paper reminscent of those mythical Big Chief tablets, she writes her daily news.  At our first parent conference, her teacher gushed about the goddess’s news.  “She is always done first,” her teacher raved, “and she never needs help finding something to say.  We never have […]

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, Part 2

There are many things in the world that should never be changed.  I believe the Coca-Cola brouhaha of the 1980’s should serve as a lesson to us all:  some things stand above change.  Unfortunately, human beings seldom learn from their mistakes. Recently, I used Tootsie rolls as an example of the perfect candy.  They’re chocolate, they’re chewy, […]

I’m Sick….Leave Me Alone!!

I’m back from Pensacola.  I am sick.  I am sure it has nothing to do with me sitting outside all day yesterday, freezing my patootie off, with gale force winds gusting into my face.  Cold doesn’t make you sick; germs make you sick.  However, I am sick and I was cold yesterday, so I am […]

Blogging Cause I Have To!!….PG 13 blog

I have nothing to say!  Nothing at all!!  I’ve started a couple of pieces this week and they taper off into nothingness.  I am not funny.  My life is meaningless.  I need to learn to say no. On Sunday, I was in charge of the church Halloween carnival.  It was miserable.  The inflatables arrived on […]

Typhoid Mary

The goddess has a cough.  It’s one of those post nasal drip coughs that keeps her (and me) awake all night.  It’s the sort of cough no medication will ease.  As soon as she gets horizontal, the drip begins and tortures us both all night. It started Saturday night.  I had a full house, with […]

Parts is Parts

Today I met Kiki and Renee to discuss our latest book.  Every three weeks or so, we pick a book, read it and then meet to discuss it.  We all have similar eclectic tastes and will read just about anything, although I personally draw the line at cannibals and demons.  Were they to choose a book […]

Tuesday PTO meeting

Tuesday was an extremely busy day for me.  I can’t imagine doing everything I have to do and holding down a paying job as well.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get it all done.  And with all my volunteer work, well you can imagine how little free time I […]

The Cotton Candy Monster

I should not be put in charge of things.  I am barely competent enough to work the scanner in the self checkout lane at Wal-Mart.  I am certainly not ready to operate complicated machinery. Like cotton candy makers.  We had our church picnic yesterday and, as president of my ladies group, I had to order […]

If It Ain’t Delivery, It Ain’t Worth Eating!!!

I was in the Publix last night picking up a few things for my daughter’s Spanish project.  She was required to bring in an authentic spanish dish.  Not being an authentic spaniard, this caused me some concern, but I managed to come up with something on the ethnic foods aisle. I was standing in the ten […]


I loathe vegetation.  I have no desire to grow anything green or flowery or prickly.  I do not enjoy the sight of living green plants in my home or in my yard.  I have no primordial urge to cultivate plants. I have a theory about you gardening type people.  I believe in former lives, you were […]