Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yesterday Tom and I celebrated our 16th year of married life.  We have been together for twenty years; I met him at the depressingly tender age of 18.  It’s amazing how time flies and here we are now with three children, a mortgage and hopefully, another 16 years stretching out before us.

So how did we spend our special day?  We have never been ones to make a fuss over our anniversary.  We got married in college and didn’t have a lot of money at the beginning of our marriage.  Oh, and did I mention we spent our first anniversary in the obstetrician’s office, staring at each other in horror and mouthing “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?????” over the cheerful banter of the ultrasound tech?  So needless to say, we have never gone in for big celebrations.  He did whisk me off to New Orleans for number 10, but generally, we go out to dinner and so far, that’s as good as it gets!

I could tell you we dressed up in our finery, Tom in coat and tails, me in a sexy little plus-size cocktail dress.  I could say we shimmied off to an exclusive restaurant and were seated at a private table, where candlelight flickered, kindly minimizing the wrinkles and gray hair that have appeared over the course of sixteen years.  I could tell you we held hands and gazed into one another’s eyes, me silently thinking I will never tell him I spent $350 on the dress and charged it on that credit card he told me not to use, and Tom wishing he was at home in the man cave, eating Ritz crackers, drinking beer and flipping between an SEC game and Survivor Man. 

But I won’t tell you that.  Because in reality, this year we ran some errands and closed on a bank loan.  We visited every electronics store in the greater Birmingham metro area, so Tom could find the perfect television set to replace the one that just died.  We spent the evening, not at a fancy bistro, but sitting at a soccer field for 3 hours, waiting for Amy to play soccer.  We got there on time.  The referees didn’t.  The game started an hour late.  Then it started to lightning.  We sat and watched our daughter dodge lightning bolts and kick the ball, praying she wouldn’t be incinerated before our very eyes.  For background music, we had the romantic stylings of the blonde goddess, whimpering “I’m hungry, I’m bored, when are we going home” with John harmonizing “I hate this, it’s stupid.”  All very romantic to be sure.

We finished up our evening by running to the car in a torrential downpour.  We headed to Dairy Queen where I had the cheeseburger and he had the double cheeseburger.  We sat together with our kids and laughed and talked and I really think it was the best anniversary we’ve ever had.  So here’s to another sixteen years of wedded bliss; if nothing else, Tim gives me great blog material!!



  1. Gina
    Posted September 1, 2007 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    I wish I was a sentimental as Joe. I’d still have the letter you wrote me the morning after the night you met him. But even if I don’t have it I have a good memory. So, here’s to shoe velcro! Cheers!

  2. Teensy
    Posted September 1, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

    Happy Aniversary baby, I got you on my mind!!! Congrads!

  3. Posted September 1, 2007 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

    Happy Anniversary, and multiples of sixteen more!

  4. Posted September 3, 2007 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Happy Anniversary! Your celebration sounds much like the ones we have, minus the soccer games and the multiple kiddos. We’ll have made it 12 years in November, plus two years “in sin” before that!

    Again, Happy Anniversary and many, many more!

  5. Posted September 4, 2007 at 6:53 am | Permalink

    Congratulations to both of you. Tim must be a survivalist to have lived with such a humorous lady for all these years and not yet laughed himself to death.

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