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News From the Beach

I have stolen away from the hotel room, leaving all the children alone and unsupervised, to get some peace and to blog.  This is the first time I have used Tom’s laptop (yes, the ass bought a laptop for himself, but I get to “use” it) and I was a little apprehensive about how to […]

Today’s News

We are heading for the beach tomorrow.  Ah, the sight of seagulls circling above, waves crashing the shore, beaches so snowy white they make your eyes hurt.  Ah the sounds of my children squabbling for four straight hours in the car.  Is it too late for me to run now? I took the goddess to […]

I Have Slain the Vacuum Cleaner….Again

How many lives does a vacuum cleaner have?  Not enough around my house.  I have killed more vacuum cleaners in the last five years than the most heinous of serial killers.  Just call me the Hoover Hacker. I have been at almost a standstill with regards to cleaning house.  But last night, at 1:30 a.m., […]


Ok, fine, if the public wants to see my mullet, who am I to disappoint??  Here I am in all my mulleted glory!  Satisfied?  And Squirrel N., Mommy hopes you are enjoying your steam bath in Hell!!!

Squirrels Gone Wild….

Well, several of my alert readers (I only have five readers, but they are very alert!!!) sent me this piece on German squirrels gone wild.  Seems that a squirrel, overcome with lust, attacked several people and was finally subdued by a gentleman wielding a crutch.  Here is the text, as lifted from Yahoo, since I […]

It’s a Mullet Nation!!!

Wednesday night  we went to the REO/Styx concert.  I am not particularly fond of either band, but some friends were going and Tom likes Styx, so off we went.  Actually, I don’t really care for live music period, which is an obscenity as far as most people are concerned, but I don’t concern myself with […]

House Cleaning for Dummies

Last week while I was slowly perspiring to death in the piney woods of Alabama, my home began to take on the unkempt appearance of a frat house.  Dust bunnies scampered  around the wood floors, playing games of hide and seek.  The TV screen slowly disappeared under a thick coating of dust.  The laundry mounded […]

A Picture of the Seminal Work of Young British Artists…

Wish I had thought of it first; I’d be $8,000,000 richer!!!

The Wall Street Journal….Wednesday May 16, 2007

Today has been a typical Monday in my life.  I opened the dryer and discovered I had washed a holy card with the underwear.  If the image of the blessed Mother appears on Tim’s underwear, I am building a shrine in my laundry room and I will have pilgrims visiting before I know it.  We […]

Where Have I Been?? I’ll Tell You Where I’ve Been…

Yes, yes, I was at camp, we all know that, and I have more fabulous experiences to share with you.  But Thursday night, I came home after an incredibly long day, determined to blog about it all.  We left camp, I took Amy to physical therapy and dropped her off  while I raced home to […]